Dreaming Purple Neon

Dreaming Purple Neon

Dreaming Purple Neon is the perfect title. It tells you absolutely nothing about the movie on its own. Even with context I don't entirely grasp the concept of why it's DREAMING Purple Neon but that's fine because this movie is a bit of a mindfuck.

Once you find out that Purple Neon is a drug manufactured under a dentist's office the title makes a bit more sense...but don't strain your brain too hard because this movie works best when you just let it wash over you and really commit to the premise and let it all unfold before your eyes.

A few different subplots converge in a dentist's office and some satanic shit starts happening in the basement while some gangster shit is happening upstairs and THAT'S when this movie really kicks off. From there it's a roller coaster ride of demonic corridors, dick mutilation, drug induced demonic zombie-ish hazes, and nipple horns. I can't stress enough how many nipple horns there are.

Sheets always tried to push the envelope with gore. His homages to Fulci in movies like Goblin were pretty rad and the gore in his classic zombie flicks is pretty gooey and gross but he's never made anything quite as transgressive as this movie right here. He sets the tone pretty early on with both male and female full frontal nudity and lots of gore. There's so much gore I don't even remember most of it. It's all kinda mushed together in mind but I promise if you come to this movie specifically for some gross shit you won't be disappointed.

Millie Milan, as far as I could remember, was the only repeat actor from House of Forbidden Secrets and I hope she sticks around for more Sheets movies. I also really liked the dentist, Nick Randol. According to IMDB he's in Todd's segment in the upcoming Hi-Death anthology flick so hopefully that means he's sticking around too. My favorite part of what I will now refer to as the Golden Age of Todd Sheets (91-2000) was the fact that the same actors kept popping up in a lot of his movies. I got to know those people and I really grew to like them. I'm starting to feel that in this new era of Sheets flicks and it's got me really excited to keep watching!

My VHS from SubRosa Cinema is gonna be shipping out soon but I'm pretty sure that limited run is all sold out so keep an eye out for this one to pop up on DVD/Blu/VOD sometime in 2017 because everyone interested in lowbudget horror/gore needs to see this. EVERYONE!

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