Robot Ninja

Day 2 of the Tempe Apocalypse hit Manhattan and once again I found myself watching a beautiful restoration of a Bookwalter classic while sitting next to the man himself. This time I was even more likely to fall asleep during the movie than the night before but I bought lots of candy and soldiered through.

The first time I watched Robot Ninja it was under less than perfect circumstances. The movie didn't look or sound nearly as good as this new 2k scan looks and I was watching it with people who absolutely resented the fact that I had control of the television. I ended up liking it but I didn't think it was all that great. I'm officially converted to the cult of Robot Ninja.

J.R. put over a year's worth of work into restoring this movie and every minute of that shows. Seeing this restoration on the big screen was like seeing this movie for the first time. I honestly can't even properly put into words how beautiful the movie is now.

In case you haven't seen this one, it's an outlier in J.R.'s career in that it's his meanest, nastiest, most nihilistic movie. I mean this thing is seriously grim and boy is it gory. Some of my favorite parts, though, were James L. Edwards lookin all babyfaced and smoking and cursing his way through this movie. While the credits were running I asked J.R. how old he was when they filmed this because he looks like a baby and he said he was only 16. I made some sort of joke about J.R. corrupting the youth of America or something.

Whether you've seen this movie before or not. Whether or not you like it. You need to see this new restoration. Holy shit.