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  • Shrek



    A funny gag on Disney that keeps on giving until it becomes a charming rom-com. This movie came out a LONG time ago now and the animation shows this—but also that this doesn’t matter too much. The characters are fairly wonderful, particularly the ogre and the donkey.

  • Room 237

    Room 237


    Fascinatingly obsessive and mind-blowing.

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  • Manufacturing Dissent

    Manufacturing Dissent


    A movie by pussies for pussies.

    By which I mean, anyone who watches Michael Moore's films and is SHOCKED to discover that

    1. he's an angry polemicist, not a journalist
    2. his filmmaking is sometimes unfair to its subjects
    3. he has manipulated facts in pursuit of a larger truth
    4. he has a bigger ego than his slob persona suggests
    5. his films have made him rich
    6. he is, in some ways, a morally compromised human being


  • mother!



    Why anyone thought this brilliantly psychotic art film was a wide-release mall movie is beyond me, but it's easy to see why it earned an F from "CinemaScore," a first-night-of-release exit poll outfit. Hopefully, that idiot grade will actually bring more people out to see it, as it did me. The F is for Fucking Fantastic.

    It's one of the best films of the year, Aronofsky's best after Black Swan, one of JLaw's best, and one of the best films ever made about the creative process. It's also batshit crazy, in the most delightful and terrifying way.