The Darkness

I haven't sighed this much at a film in what feels like a very long time. This is a horror film on autopilot; if you've seen any of the kind of flicks this genre has churned out in the past 40 years, then you've seen 'The Darkness'. Good news though-- there's some excellent moments of over-acting which at times distract from the terrible cinematography and slap-yourself-stupid script. Like, this movie is laughable in terms of how it approaches typical suburban family issues, with the bulimia having teenage girl who at times just starts flailing her body in panic being my favorite. Unfortunately, this film also tries to examine a character with some sort of mental illness or devolopmental issue, and fails spectacularly at it. Actually, fails spectactualy might be the wrong wording for this film, because this movie is boring like few I've seen in these last few years. Like with 'Suicide Squad', I think this film could be fun with the right group, preferably some people who know movies and are able to pick apart at all the dull intricities of this film (my personal favorite being the strange zooming that happens whenever anyone is on a computer). The idiotcy reaches critical mass in the last 10 minutes, and I found myself with my jaw agape at how dumb it all was. 

Maybe the worst part is that Greg McLean directed this, a beloved Australian horror film director (check out his far superior 'Wolf Creek' and 'Rogue'). Considering that the other McLean directed film 'The Belko Experiement' came out the same year, I'm hesitant to say that this film is proof that he's lost his touch as a director, rather I think he really just wanted to make a quick buck for just maybe two weeks worth of shooting. What a piece of crap.