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  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    "It is perhaps no accident that the one apartment glimpsed more than once that is not explored by the roving eyes of Jeffries (and, of course, the viewer) is the one of what appears to be a loving and relatively normal family. Implicitly, the audience can grasp that what attracts the voyeur is brokenness in all its forms, whether it be creative rut, the fading luster of a new marriage, a hunger for something more in life, or simply the…

  • The Ornithologist

    The Ornithologist


    "Though the movie is constructed as almost an allegory for the origin of the Catholic St. Anthony – invoked by said hikers and frequently referenced throughout – the events of The Ornithologist don’t seem to necessarily ascribe themselves to any particular events in the saint’s life, even though he is portrayed by Rodrigues himself. Rather, the pleasures of the movie lie mostly in the moment, in the odd, pregnant interactions and, above all, the overpoweringly erotic way in which every…

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    Batman v Superman is a brutal film, but not in its attitudes towards the narrative, the characters, or the viewer. Instead, it is astounding in the frank, unrestrained, yet almost impressionistic approach towards the subject matter and the weighty themes at hand. Snyder and his collaborators are unblinking in their depiction of the violence and lack of heroics that take place in a changed, darker world that in many, many ways reflects our own, but, incredibly, make them palatable in…

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    The opening notes of Ry Cooder's score that accompany the title card are almost alchemical in the way they accomplish so much with so little. With this first salvo, along with the opening shot of Travis engulfed by the open desert that is implied to be from a bird's perspective, Wenders sets the mood and some of the themes of the overall film with astonishing clarity and precision. The dominant emotions are undoubtedly sorrow, regret, and isolation, but it feels…