Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde ★★★★½

This is yet another film I re-watched to prepare for an exam! In my class we’ve studies five films in depth so far and I think this one is my favourite out of that bunch! I really love it, when it was released it shocked audiences across the world because of the influence it took from the French New Wave! It’s just such a great thrill ride with two of my favourite anti-hero's!

What I admire about the film the most is of course the characters of Bonnie and Clyde! They do bad things but they’re nice and very likeable people! We know that we shouldn’t really like them because they’re criminals but the films puts us in the position of wanting them to succeed instead of the law, which is what they’re fighting against! The two of them are essentially hero's to people like them, the people who have no money and are forced out of money by society and banks! When they rob banks, they don’t harm anyone inside, unless they feel they have to, and they just take what they think is rightfully theirs! And they’re such charming characters, I don’t know about you but I’d want to be friends with them! Warren Beatty’s Clyde is a mystery throughout the film which makes him so interesting! His character is never fully explored but he truly cares for everyone in the Barrow Gang as he sees it as his responsibility to protect them all, especially Bonnie! And Bonnie herself is absolutely fabulous! Faye Dunaway’s iconic performance busted the stereotype of female characters in film, giving herself a larger personality and subverting expectations! And I believe that her performance is the reason why we have so many remarkable women in film to this day! The ending is one of my favourite parts as it’s perfect and really shocked me the first time I saw it! It just says so much about the film as a whole that I’ll never forget seeing it for the first time! It’s such a fun and crazy thrill ride that I’ll always be glad to revisit!

Overall, Bonnie and Clyde is a fantastically made, acted and written film that will always be seen as something that paved the way for Hollywood to push its limits! Beatty and Dunaway give two unforgettable performances, the commentary on society and the law is very important and the whole thing is a highly entertaining experience!

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