Cruella ★★★★★

I’m just getting started darling! When the trailers for this film came out it ended up being my most anticipated film of this year! And I loved every single minute of it! It is without a doubt Disney’s best live action film and Emma Stone’s Cruella has become one of my favourite movie characters of all time! It just kept on giving and giving and I never wanted it to end!

Now I know a lot of people aren’t going to like this film and for that I am so sorry! But I also know that audiences are going to absolutely love it! I went to the cinema to see this with one of my friends who actually came with a Cruella inspired look, and she looked phenomenal! And also, I was sat near these two girls and at the end I heard them say that it was the best film they’d ever seen and it really stuck with me! For them to see two powerful women in battle over business and for them to absolutely love it means so much and for that I thank this film! Also, me and my friend sat through the credits and behind us some people were doing the same and it turned out that one of them had actually worked on the film and her name appeared in the credits! Me and my friend were so shocked and it was just the cherry on top of an amazing experience! Now as for the film itself, if I had to describe it in one word it would be, delicious! The characters, the performances, the costumes, the soundtrack, the cinematography, the time period! Just everything made me smile and even after the film I couldn’t stop smiling! Emma Stone is absolute perfection! She’s incredible in every single scene she’s in! She is Cruella de Vil! There were many moments where I wanted to scream and clap my hands! Her line delivery is so exhilarating, it gave me chills at points! Cruella is written so brilliantly as even though she’s evil, you really root for her! There is so much to her character that I won’t spoil but it’s brilliant and explains a lot! She looked stunning in every single outfit and I managed to love both Estella and Cruella equally! The film is worth watching for her performance alone! Emma Thompson as The Baroness is one of the most entertaining villains I have ever witnessed! Every time she’s on screen she just commands it and actually manages to hold her own opposite Stone! She looked so mesmerising in every costume and she was fabulously evil! Loved her! Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser were so charming as Horace and Jasper! Especially Horace, he’s hilarious and adorable! Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Anita is unfortunately not in the film for very long! But with the screen time she has, she’s brilliant! I really wanted to see more of her! Mark Strong is always great and John McCrea as Artie was absolutely ravishing! I wished he’d been in it more also!

The story contains so much fun, style and intrigue! It spans out over a steady pace and is just a blast! It’s wildly entertaining with fabulous twists and turns that left me on the edge of my seat! The costumes are groundbreaking! If they don’t win best costume design at every awards ceremony then it’ll be a travesty! Because every costume is fabulously extravagant and unforgettable! The punk rock 1970’s atmosphere was perfect! It was so funky and atmospheric and so cool! The soundtrack just raises the roof! It amplifies the scenes to a whole other level and left me wanting to get up and jump! And the cinematography is so inviting and immersive! Everything looks so stylish! The production design is impeccable! Cruella’s fashion show is my favourite scene in the whole film as I felt like I was there! I wanted to join the party! There are also some really great nods to 101 Dalmatians! And it screams for a sequel! So while I know that some people will not like it, I absolutely adored it and didn’t want it to end, and that’s all that matters to me! I also think you should definitely see it on the big screen if you can because the experience is amazing!

Overall, Cruella is not only one of Disney’s best live action films, but I would go as far as saying it’s one of their best films in general! Emma Stone is phenomenal as Cruella who is perhaps my favourite Disney character! Emma Thompson gloriously shines, as does the rest of the cast! The story is intriguing and fun! The costumes are exquisite! The score is brilliant and the cinematography is divine! I would 100% recommend Cruella as it’s been an experience that I’ll never forget! Born brilliant, born bad and a little bit mad!

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