Onward ★★★★½

I admire this film for the reason that Pixar took a risk and ended up making a highly entertaining and magical movie! It presents a brilliant sibling relationship that all people with brothers and sisters should be able to relate in some way to either Ian, Barley or both!

The animation is filled with so much life and creativity from the colours and the design of both characters and the magical world they have built! The voice work is very good as you can tell that this is a project that Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are very passionate about! Octavia Spenser also does a great job! Also Ian and Barley’s mother is such a great character that I wish we had a little bit more screen time with her!

There’s are some parts that don’t make sense but you can over look them as the film always manages to put a smile on your face! And I genuinely hope they consider making a sequel or a series on Disney+ as Pixar can do so much with this world!

Overall with hilarious characters, an emotional storyline and amazing animation, Onward is a film that will entertain any age and satisfy large and small Pixar fans!

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