Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

Now I know what you’re thinking “Oh my god! You’ve never seen Indiana Jones before?” And my answer to that is I have no idea! I have a vivid memory of watching them all but I can’t remember anything that happens! So I’m just going to log this as watching it for the first time! And I loved every minute of it! This is the adventure movie of all adventure movies!

Harrison Ford is obviously perfect! Indiana Jones and Han Solo have gone down as being two of the most iconic pop culture characters in history and it’s all thanks to him! Karen Allen is also a great companion as she’s so strong and fierce and not afraid of anything! I also think the villains are so dangerous and they make for some very tense sequences! The story is obviously classic, an ancient artefact needs to be retrieved before it ends up in the wrong hands! I love all the locations they go to! They’re all so bright and bold and they look beautiful! The production design on the tombs and the caves is so realistic and exciting!    

I loved the music! Each piece is so distinct and fits so well within each scene! And who could forget the iconic theme tune that we’ve all hummed at least once in our lives! The action sequences are great! Each one had me on the edge of my seat because I honestly had no idea how they were going to play out! I’d say some of my favourites were obviously the opening with the boulder and the plane scene because it was so clever!

Overall, Raiders of the Lost Ark is a movie that can bring so much joy out of a person! It’s action scenes are thrilling, it’s story is interesting and exciting and Harrison Ford delivers one of his best performances! I cannot wait to watch Temple of Doom!

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