Skyfall ★★★★½

This is definitely my favourite Bond film that I’ve seen! I love basically everything about it! I think this is my third time watching this film and it actually gave me chills a few times! I think it’s so well made and ticks practically every box! It’s style is sophisticated and lavish, resulting in a gorgeous film!

I can’t express how beautiful this film is! And I’m not just talking about it’s visuals! The story, at its core is incredibly moving and I feel does something completely different with Bond! A lot of the film’s focus is based on the characters’ pasts, presents and futures and all of them are well explained and developed! The strong focus on M is what I feel makes this Bond movie feel so different! There’s something more complex in the writing and I think it’s done so well! M is an extremely complicated character and it’s been showcased really well before but the way it comes full circle this time around is genius! The opening scene is absolutely incredible! Highly intense, engaging and entertaining action that just kept getting better and better! And these opening credits are the best opening credits in my opinion! The most beautiful song and enchanting visuals! And of course the action throughout leaves you on the edge of your seat and it’s filmed remarkably well! And the story isn’t hard to follow and still maintains the ability to get lost in it! Daniel Craig has honestly never been more charming! I enjoyed seeing Bond trying to find his feet again and grow as a person because of that! Again, it’s such good writing! So many wonderful one liners that are delivered expertly by Craig! Honestly you couldn’t get a better Bond if you tried! Judi Dench’s M makes an explosive impact this time around as she takes a step up in terms of her involvement! Dench plays M with such dignity and honour and really is one of the best things about this film! She has a monologue at the beginning of the third act that gave me goosebumps! Javier Bardem is probably my favourite Bond villain as well! He’s terrifying but in a different way! His backstory is so well thought out which allows us to see where he’s coming from! I loved his energy and how you could tell that under the surface lurked a psychopath! Naomie Harris also does some excellent work here with her cool and modern Moneypenny! She makes a very strong impression, especially in the opening! And Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw are very charming in their roles and were used very well! The cinematography is golden with so many mesmerising shots! The whole thing is so well crafted and directed and I think it will always uphold as being my favourite Bond film!

Overall, Skyfall is not only the best Bond film in my opinion but just a phenomenal film in general! It contains a highly interesting, well written story with fantastic acting, visuals and action sequences! It’s unmissable!

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