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  • If Anything Happens I Love You

    If Anything Happens I Love You


    I appreciate what this tries to achieve, but I doubt it's enough to sway anyone's views on gun control. The visual style is perfect to bring out the grief it carries and I like the creative "shadow" play too.

    Netflix should have more short films, I feel it's a very low risk high reward game for them.

  • Awakenings



    I'm sorry. If you were right, I would agree with you.

    This great Robin Williams "serious" role had totally flown under my radar. Robert DeNiro sorta in his element here as well. The story is an incredible piece of medical history and kind of unbelievable really. You're telling me these people, seeming like vegetables, were able to catch a ball better than me? I'm pretty bad at catching anything mid-air, but still.

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  • Captain Fantastic

    Captain Fantastic


    Thoughtful. Really makes you think what should actually be valued in life, and how much should you care what others choose to value?

    The title is misleading. The Captain, Viggo Mortensen's character probably won't be regarded as "fantastic" by many viewers. In fact, his methods are constantly questioned by the film and he most definitely is a flawed person. There are times when he almost seems like the bad guy. But he does have a point, and I found myself…

  • 1917



    Nothing like a scrap of ribbon to cheer up a widow.

    Tension. Anxiety. Pain. Peace. Gruesome.. beauty.

    That's 1917 in a few words. Very happy I went to see this one in a cinema. Cinematography and sound mixing Oscars well deserved right here. Making a war movie look like one continuous shot is one thing, but making it also beautiful and emotional is another. It's probably the most anxiety-inducing non-horror film I've seen since Requiem for a Dream. Also really…