The Platform ★★★★

Spanish Audio

- The people above won't listen to me.
- Why not?
- I can't shit upwards.

Love this concept. I mean not in actual reality, but as a thought experiment. It's captivating and instantly leaped close to the top of my horror favorites list. But filmmakers, if you're going with a concept this absurd, it's probably better not try to explain or rationalize it at all. Playing by your own rules is the most important thing. I was gonna give The Platform 4½ stars, but a couple kinda meaningful plot holes were brought to my attention (something I didn't notice myself).

When it comes to the somewhat anticlimactic ending, there's a plot theory going around in the interwebs that actually makes a lot of sense, in this context. I chose to believe that one and now think the ending couldn't have been much better. More explanation would've ruined it.