Black Swan ★★★★½

Darren Aronofsky. Probably one of the very few artists that could leave me feeling so disturbed yet so freakishly empowered. And I mean it in the literal sense, I truly feel energized... I feel pumped!

One thing that caught my eye was the movie poster itself. A woman depicted at the prime of her beauty, yet porcelain and frail. There's the purity but there are cracks too, one that forms gradually and with unstoppable force. The same thing applies to the poster for Aronofksy's latest trauma fuel, 'mother!', yet with terror raging from Lawrence's eyes. Both films accomplish this unsettling fear factor like there's this clear line between the world and the person. Moments converge and reality is shattered as we follow the character plunge down the path of insanity.

Control of the camera is breathtaking -- and that's very much an understatement. The level of perfection (in all aspects) is helmed to such a degree, I could feel the passion, the disillusionment pour out of the screen. While there is the traditional side of the narrative surrounded by backstage rivalries and artistic jealousies, Aronofsky eerily drifts into the mind of Nina. Boundaries are lifted as dreams (or the evil that lurks in one's subconscious) morph to reality. Like Whiplash and probably many other films I have yet to see, we witness a person's journey to perfectionism.

All thoughts, adversaries, sexual tensions collide to form the ultimate nightmare. Fucking loved this.

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