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  • The Mercy of the Jungle

    The Mercy of the Jungle


    Awful music choice and cues that either overemphasize the tension when it's not needed or go totally against the mood of particular scenes, but the compelling setting and premise make up for it. Although most of the dialogue is in French, a few parts are spoken in Swahili and it's great to get to hear it.
    The camera isn't really special, but it captures breathtaking sights across the Congolese landscape. When nature gets that much exposure and time to dig its claws into the two leads, I'm fully invested by default.
    Looking forward to seeing Stéphane Bak in Schipper's next.

  • A Dog Barking at the Moon

    A Dog Barking at the Moon


    Gorgeously shot and framed, beautiful long takes and steady shots, well acted, but it somehow remained in one place. Dialogues thematically repeated themselves and the characters had too few developments, so it was excruiciating when the mother told us the tenth time that believing in her cult should be the most important for daughter and father. The "theater" scenes were refreshing and it's very unusual to find a LGBT supporting movie from China.

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  • Mandy



    The late Jóhann Jóhannsson's score fusing atmospheric metal drones with 80s synthies, the absolutely stunning, mostly dialogue-less performance by Nic Cage and the neon aesthetic elevate it to a higher score for me than it is actually deserving.

    Spanning a story that could probably be summed up on less than one page of script over more than two hours of runtime is Mandy's biggest flaw. Because of that, there are some scenes that felt out of place. You would expect…

  • Days of Heaven

    Days of Heaven


    I was more mesmerized by the photography and sound of nature wrapping my ears in a warm and super cozy audiovisual blanket than I did care for the characters and the story. I found all characters unlikable and distanced. Sorry for keeping it so short, but it's hard for me to put in into words.
    However, the beautiful shots of the farm-scape which I'd like to have framed in my room and Ennio Morricone's masterful pieces make up for that…