The New Mutants

The New Mutants ★★★★½

Superhero movies as therapy. I wasn’t able to catch this a few years ago but I really loved it. If the X-Men movies are about difference in an uncaring world, than this is the most successful one. They live and die on the characters, and each one here is given an abundance of care and empathy. Anya-Taylor Joy is fantastic as usual, despite playing a semi-antagonistic but ultimately sympathetic role, and I really enjoyed the rest of the cast as well. This movie dregs up some lesser known heroes from the comics snd uses them to explore trauma and grief. In my opinion, that’s a much more productive use of time then yet another snarky CGI-fest, but the poor reaction to this says otherwise. Nethertheless, I implore people to check this out, cause it is really good. What are the problems with this again?

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