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  • Lily Lane

    Lily Lane


    Lily Lane (originally, Liliom ösvény) is a peculiar beast, one with a coarse fur coat, and wounded heart beating underneath. Once again, Benedek Fliegauf - famous for the harrowing 2012 drama Just the Wind - opts for a sensitive subject matter and handles it in a rather unconventional fashion. The film focuses on a young mother, Rebeka (the oddly captivating performance by Angéla Stefanovics), who brings a heavy emotional load into the relationship with both her son, Dani (the impressive…

  • Spontaneous



    Looking for a 2020 antidote? Just stop and watch this film!

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  • The Forgotten Colours of Dreams

    The Forgotten Colours of Dreams


    First-timer Nina Viola brings poise, grace and, paradoxically, life to the role of Death's (charming) personification in Johnny Clyde's outstanding multilingual feature debut The Forgotten Colors of Dreams - a lyrical, transcendental, contemplative, deeply melancholic, brilliantly gloomy, phantasmagorical drama which is admirably carried by non-professional cast, subtly imbued with thought-provoking dialogue (on love, beauty, life, death, memories, religion...), densely packed with experimental, ethereally beautiful VHS visuals in 'tondoscope' aspect ratio, and neatly wrapped in haunting soundscapes often evoking spectral dimensions.




    A provoking, sublimely anarchic post-Terayama cine-dream with hints of Beckettian absurd and Zwartjes-like psychosexual nightmare, Jun Kurosawa's first and only feature imposes itself as a bold, unapologetic, formally challenging exploration of the medium, with performative, ritualesque games of its four young and willingly ostracized protagonists (whose distorted utopia is disrupted by a suicidal woman, as the official synopsis notes) depicted in a dizzying series of peculiar images, both monochromatic and color-filtered, imbued with palpable energy and then drenched in alienating, ear-shattering noise that is periodically 'softened' by liquid, hauntingly ethereal ambient textures...