Doctor Sleep ★★★★

STEPHEN KING or KUBRICK ? This is the best film that balances between this two.

For those who didn't really liked this film, you probably only watched Kubrick version and didn't really understand how it's made. Kubrick was famous for disrespecting the original idea from The Shinning novel and made The Shining his own version. There is nothing wrong with that and it came out to be one of the best movies ever made. Now, The Shining (Novel) was always a horror FICTION rather than a psychological horror. It has its own universe and the so called "the shining" is a super power. Now this film not only expands the universe of The Shining which is true to the novel, and also respected Kubrick's version by continuing the storyline kubrick left off and brings back all of the characters we are once familiar from Kubrick's The Shinning. So this is the film that perfectly balanced between the novel, and kubrick's The Shinning.

However, the film is too long and there's a lot of scenes can be cut. Example: The teenager that joined Rose The Hat storyline. I don't mind bringing back the characters from Kubrick's The Shining with a different actor but I was certainly fucking excited when I see a fake Jack Nicholson being the Lloyd, bartender.

The last 30 minutes is everyone who loved The Shining HAVE to watch. Seeing back all of the iconic scenes in The Overlook Hotel just makes me happy. It's just a matter of nostalgia.

7.5/10. Can't go any higher.