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  • Wounds


    The star is for Armie Hammer.

  • Loev



    The first half of the film is good. But then no, just no.
    I was excited to watch this because it's so rare to get a good Indian gay love story, but this one turned sour the last half.
    The upside: I liked the camerawork and the beautiful scenery.

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    I knew this was going to be a mind trip of a movie and I was here for the whole journey.
    At some points I found myself asking aloud, what? what? A strong sign of a mind-bending movie.
    Just like the characters, that dang foghorn started to drive me crazy halfway through.
    There are many ways to read the overall theme. Is it a tale about what happens when two people who do not like each other are forced to…

  • Gone with the Wind

    Gone with the Wind


    This is an incredibly hard movie to rank. While I know Scarlett is supposed to be annoying, I cannot get over it. She ruins the whole experience for me. Also, what about the obvious racism? There is a glorification of the South that goes beyond the typical " I need to defend my land, so I will gladly go fight in the war" mentality.
    But also, this movie is objectively superior filmmaking. The pacing, cinematography, acting ... all brilliant.
    I guess I will take a star off, even though I never want to watch this movie again.