The Love Nest

The Love Nest ★★★

Buster, having recently been the victim of a broken heart, decides to embark on a trek around the world in order to forget his ex-sweetheart. He boards his small boat, the aptly-named "Cupid," and begins his journey.

While out to sea, he comes upon a large whaling ship, which is helmed by a gruff short-tempered sailor. He decides to join the crew, and minor wackiness ensues. Besides contending with the always-cranky captain, the ship encounters a whale, some pirates, and even experiences a mutiny attempt. The only thing that's missing is some swashbuckling.

This is a lesser Keaton short, to be sure, and it lacks much of the wonderful stunt work that would define Keaton's style. Still, I'm glad it didn't turn into a sappy romance story.