The Room

The Room ★★★★★

Tommy Wiseau must be some kind of genius whose vision and skill are beyond anything that we mere mortals could hope to comprehend. What other explanation could there be for Mr. Wiseau, who is this film's writer/director/producer/star/mastermind, to look at the finished product and deem it worthy of release?

This film is rife with plot holes, footballs, undeveloped subplots, unnatural dialog, horrible acting, "WTF?!" moments, unlikeable characters, and unerotic, libido-killing sex scenes. My favorite element of the film was the fact that one particular character was played by two completely different actors.

Screenplay 0/10
Acting 0/10
Dialog 0/10
Direction 0/10
Editing 0/10
Sound 0/10
Cinematography 0/10
Spoons 10/10

I'm still not sure if this steaming pile of garbage was one of the worst films I've seen or one of the best.

I'm going to award the film 5 ironic stars. That way, sometime in the future when we all realize how brilliant it is, I can smugly declare, "I told you so!"

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