Aladdin ★★★★

There was no other actor like Robin Williams. A Man of a thousand voices, a master of his craft who could make your sides split, your heart hurt or your spine tremble all through the power of his expressive facial movements. In Insomnia, he terrified us, in Good Will Hunting, he told us everything would be ok, in Mrs Doubtfire, he cared for our bruises and cooked us dinner and in Aladdin, he gave us whatever we wanted but showed us instead what we needed and what we had.
This man was able to cultivate characters that are iconic and incredibly engaging. He could have been stuck, typecast and only known for Genie or Sean Parker but somehow, in his big box of tricks, unleashed Armond, Mrs Doubtfire, Alan Parrish or John Keating.

Like I said, there is no other actor like Robin Williams