Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier ★★★★

This fucking cast were amazing, it stood out for me that I cared for each character in their own different ways and how their morality, greed, differences and conflict and respect were reflected in various ways throughout the film, I really admired and appreciated this element in the film. It definitely helped the intensity spike up many times throughout and elevated the stakes. So I give a lot of credit to each one of the cast for bringing energy, pathos and grit to their performances, as well as sharing brilliant chemistry with one another

And holy fuck I did not expect that death. Literally all I could say was "Fuck fuck fuck, what fuck noo, fuck no, what fuck, please no"
Great direction and story that didn't feel generic as each minute passed.

And lastly, lets stop giving shit to Charlie Hunnam(his accent all together in real life and in entertainment is strange and weird though, I can get used to it) because between this, Sons of Anarchy, Lost city and even KIng Arthur, I feel he has shown some fantastic skills and I look forward to see more from him

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