West Side Story

West Side Story ★★★★

I really really really really wanted to love this. Spielberg just can always bring it. He can create a character out of every prop, every location, every costume. His movement of the camera, his set design, his overall knowledge and adoration for the cinematic language is so damn grand and beautiful. His pulse is raging through every sequence. His energy sparks and ignites through every swish of a dress or beat of a foot hitting the pavement. An absolute masterful filmmaker who can create everything for everyone.
All this is discovered and centered throughout this motion picture but Jesus fucking Christ.the love story is so dull. Rachel Zegler and Ansel Elgort have no chemistry, their passion for one another is non-existent. It was a chore to watch them on screen. Bless Rachel because she tries and does good but Ansel is as bland as paper....just the fucking worst.
You want to know the real star though....Mike Faist....that's a fucking actor. The second he appeared on screen, I was enamored with his presence. And Anita Debose....jaysus....like jaysus.

Spielberg man, I love you and you will always be the GOAT but that love story was not it. I'm so disappointed.

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