The Dark Knight Rises ★★★★★

A great example of powerhouse film making.
There are just too many good things about this film to list them all but the stand outs for me were

- Story; despite the length of the film at no point did I look at my watch to see how long was left. At no point did I feel that there were scenes that could be removed to make it smoother. This is all down to the story, brilliantly moving you this way and that. The fanboys may have guessed some of the 'twists' beforehand but they are kept in check well enough to not spoil your enjoyment.

- Tom Hardy's performance; While not as big or great a performance as Health Ledgers Dark Knight, nothing should be taken away from Tom Hardy's performance. He brings real fear and menace to the role of Bane. You really do feel that this man is superior in many ways to Batman.

- Supporting cast; Just felt that it was a really strong cast, no matter how small a role.

Overall this is an excellent conculsion to Christopher Nolan's Batman triology. Let's just hope that if they go back and do more, as is rumoured, that they don't butcher Nolan's fine work.