Victoria ★★★½

Filmed as one single long take taking only 3 attempts to achieve, this film certainly sets itself apart from the get go. The story follows the titular character and how her flirting with a Berlin native will change her night, and potentially life, forever.

There is much to admire here with the brutally raw acting and story telling. The actors are all captivating, especially Laia Costa as Victoria, and they help suck you into the story. Issues however arise with the story, apparently the script was only 12 pages long and relied mostly on improvisation. That is all well and good if the material in your 12 pages is solid, sadly I found the base story to be slightly weak and often was finding myself throwing my hands in the air in frustration at developments in the story which I found to be implausable. There were also too often scenes that dragged on for too long holding focus on a character for longer than required. Now I know it was being done through improvisation however, it is the job of the director to help keep things ticking at an even pace and I felt he failed to achieve that far too often.

A nice fresh entry into the films being offered at the cinema however, I just couldn't quite see it as an unqualified success as there were too many little issues frustrating me.

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