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  • Moonlight



    If ever I thought a movie was awkward to the point of nearly walking out it isn't normally controversial stuff that will do it but pretentious twaddle that will. After 20 minutes of Moonlight my brain switched into this mode due to some style over substance mannerisms and what I considered a far fetched scene involving a little boy who was being bullied. However..that switch was firmly reverted back to 'utterly captivated' mode by the end of the first act…

  • Logan



    Comic book movies are ten a penny these days. As some of you are aware already I will watch anything objectively and most movies of this type are just plainly average for me. The odd exception such as Winter Soldier creeping through. Even Guardians of the Galaxy was a decent attempt at something a little different. Logan however might contain characters and the lore from the comic book world but there is more to it than that at its core.…

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  • Kick-Ass 2

    Kick-Ass 2


    Jeff Wadlow needs his behind kicked thats for sure as his take on a subversive satirical superhero movie is disappointingly weak. Violence without moral consequence and despite some neat set pieces there was too much high school mucking about and not enough Jim Carrey. And not really enough of kick-ass or Hit-girl in action either. tacked on predictable ethics education at the end too.
    The door is left open for a sequel, but a fresh approach is required if Kick-Ass does not want to become what it originally intended to satire and homage.

  • Midnight Special

    Midnight Special


    I shouldn't speak too much about Midnight Special..the less you know the better. However if you can give it time and are patient it is a movie worth visiting. Some will be put off by its at times sedate narrative but the characters all ring true. Maybe I am biased towards Jeff Nicholls. His three films to date have been brilliant pieces of story telling. (Shotgun Stories, Take Shelter and my fave of 2013 Mud.)
    Though there was a moment…