Death Race 2000

Death Race 2000 ★★★★½

so fucking great wow.
frankenstein is such a cool character to me. his name, his visual design, his brooding badassness. the type of lame character i always fall head over heels for. the characters in general in this movie are so much fun. i just wish their physical appearances were as distinctive and stylized as frankenstein. in a movie that so blatantly leans toward the cartoonish i wish we could have characters that look as well as act like looney tunes.
the violence and destruction is done so well. the quick cuts away from gore and explosions work really well and never feel cheap to me; just frenetic and clever. overall the fact that this is low budget is masked really well. despite the low budget it feels maximalist. this is a bizarre grindhouse racing movie that almost feels like a blockbuster to me at times? truly insane
the plot may be barebones but i found myself gripped the entire runtime. i never got bored of watching these crazy stereotypes zoom around in their cars and blow each other up with wile e coyote schemes. i will always respect a plot thats "lots of people are competing with each other and also another group of people is trying to sabotage all of them"
this movie also does worldbuilding really well. for the first half of the movie each new location they visit and each new development reveals something about this super fun satirical dystopian world that the race takes place in.
im sure i have more to say about this movie that im forgetting. will definitely be rewatching this. i loved it so much.
wtf is up with that end credits narration? lol