The Pale Door

The Pale Door ★½

when will indie horror filmmakers learn that literally nobody will ever care as much about their dumb characters as they will about their cool premise.
"hey let's make a horror western about cowboys vs witches."
"that sounds cool ok let's plot it out. fifty minutes of 'establishing characters' (you know, talking), then five minutes of cowboys vs witches, then thirty more minutes of talking"
"yeah i cant see anything wrong with that"
like, how do you look at a script like this and not think 'maybe we should have more cowboys fighting witches'. i just don't get it. i don't care about your characters. they're lame. i will never care about them. it's an indie horror movie. you're not going to write characters that are good. you're just not. stop trying to make the emotions the core of the movie. make it the witches. please.