Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees

Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees ★★★★★

about to get annoying in this review...

i fucking loved this. so incredible. a huge pulsating pixelated mass of information, obtuse symbolism, esoteric symmetry, noise, hidden corridors, cyber imagery, mazelike reasoning...totally engrossing. this movie feels like it is 1000 years long because it takes you fully into its world.
i kept trying to draw comparisons and then about halfway through i realized what this actually reminds me... the half-a-press mario 64 video. im not kidding. that is a video that consistently blows my mind whenever i watch it because it has this sense of "meaningless epiphany": discrete, functionally nonsensical information presented to you starts to connect and even though it’s information that has no bearing on anything whatsoever, and you didn’t even know the plane of this information existed before you started watching the video, when it connects you feel a sense of deep understanding and like you have been taught something even though that thing for the most part lives and dies within what you’re watching
that feeling is one of my favorite things in the world, and up to now the half-a-press has been the purest distillation of it. thats changed now that ive watched this movie. it is the perfect combination of elements to create a perfect sense of the meaningful convergence of pointless information. so much so that i think there is a pretty big chance i am missing the point entirely and there is a meaning here that ive somehow completely missed simply because of the way its presented! i am worried that what im saying means nothing and that my thinking on this film will just ineffectually slide off of it because its so dense and hypnotic! jesus fucking christ!
this is clearly not for everyone so i hesitate to recommend it...but if any of this sounds interesting to you at all you should definitely check it out, its on vimeo. someday i dream to create a piece of art so simultaneously lush with and devoid of meaning.

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