• The Abominable Dr. Phibes

    The Abominable Dr. Phibes


    i love talking devices

  • House of Wax

    House of Wax


    maybe the biggest budget feeling slasher ever? deserves a theme park haunted house and a video game and a legacy sequel and more. grisly and goopy and sick as fuck

  • Tron



    computer programs used to be named Cloo and Sark

  • Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare

    Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare

    This would be a nightmare for anyone let alone a sleepwalker

  • Wet Hot American Summer

    Wet Hot American Summer


    michael showalters outfits and hair kept making me laugh

  • Uzumaki



    this was great
    it doesnt reach the dizzying (ha, ha) heights of the manga, but i think it's honestly better for it. its constantly torn between lofi vibey x-files-theme-song subtleness and saw-editing music-video the-ring-closet-scene in-your-face interpretations of junji ito's most gruesome panels, in a good way. there's always something coming around the bend to surprise you or keep you off balance, you can really FEEL the camera moving. and everything's green

  • Wise Blood

    Wise Blood


    i think unfortunately a lot of what is so incredible about the book is lost in translation here. enoch emery is such an incredible character and his loss of interiority in this kind of completely cripples him i think. a lot of the more dreadful and doomy moments come off more silly, not that there isn't a lot of silliness in the book, but what makes the source material so good is the razor thin balance between silliness and evil,…

  • Getting Any?

    Getting Any?


    very funny, the first half is definitely a lot more fun to watch than the second half. whenever somebody chanted or sang it made me laugh

  • The Nest

    The Nest



  • Stalked by My Mother

    Stalked by My Mother

    this is the most complicated movie ive ever watched

  • Sonatine



    wow, really something special. im glad im doing these in order, having seen kitano's movies that came before this really makes it stand out even more. a perfect synthesis of those first three. awesome

  • Europa Report

    Europa Report


    whateva. i like space ships