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  • Threads



    I'm not sure how I can write a review for Threads or even bring the film to justice.

    I'm a huge fan of horror. I love horror films like Alien, The Shining, Hereditary, The VVitch, Possession, and there's many more I can name. These films scared me like no other mainstream horror film... but I saw Chernobyl and it's one of the scariest miniseries I've seen. What's scary about that show is that it's real. These events actually happened and…

  • Deerskin



    "Killer style."

    Deerskin is one of the more intriguingly absurd and funniest cinematic releases from 2020. It's more accessible, albeit nevertheless divisive, than Quentin Dupieux's film Rubber, which was a meta commentary on film that I wasn't a fan of, yet whereas Dupieux retains and grounds his absurdity with realism, Deerskin is much thematically richer and open to various interpretations.

    A character study of loneliness and toxic obsession, a coldly bleak allegory of experimental filmmaking and the industry, a terrifying…

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  • Resident Evil: Extinction

    Resident Evil: Extinction


    Although the world’s turned into a bunch of barren wastelands, some people still have access to good shampoo and bodywash.

    But whatever. Resident Evil: Extinction is a significant improvement over the first two films. I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m enjoying these films and the strong action that comes with them.

  • Infamous



    Infamous wants to be a critique of online culture, fame and our generation's obsession with influencers, but its statements come off as half-baked and instead represent everything wrong with our generation with little satirical bite. It may look and sound good, but there's little sense of direction, horrible plot developments and all of the characters are completely shallow and unsympathetic. How does Bella Thorne still have a career? I don't understand the praise she's getting in this film. Infamous is…

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  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream


    "Harry... can you come today?"

    Rewatching a film can be frightening. You'll find more subtle details that'll help you further appreciate the film and you'll view it in a new light, or you'll discover some new flaws, and the film's no longer the masterpiece you once thought it was. This is exactly how I felt rewatching Requiem for a Dream. I knew I was going to revisit this film, especially after reading Hubert Selby Jr.'s original novel (which is…

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    "Nothing good is born from lies. And greatness is not what you think."

    MILD SPOILER WARNING. This review does not reveal major plot points, although if you haven't seen Wonder Woman 1984, you may want to read this review with caution.

    EDIT 31/12/20: This review reflects my initial thoughts of Wonder Woman 1984. Since its release in cinemas and HBO Max, I've had new thoughts about how I now feel about the film. Scroll below to see my revised opinion…