The Favourite ★★★★★

everything about the favourite is sincerely stellar. the score is an undeniably dominant element and so magnificently engrossing from the get-go. here, the acting work by the three wonderful leads is irreplaceable. to an extent, their motivations can be partially vague and completely unanticipated. it plays out so well since the structure of the script is powerful and so firm on its own. 

meanwhile, the direction of yorgos lanthimos occasionally breaks away from what is traditional and heartily spins a component in ways that are equally befitting as they are eccentric. even his method of drifting scenes creates a palpable storytelling remark that is so difficult to ignore. this is only the second film i’ve seen from him—first one being the lobster—and i’ve always admired the color palettes that he chooses. solidly cold in one minute, comfortingly warm in another. thanks to robby ryan, the cinematographer, every piece is elevated in a seamless yet, oddly enough, compact and punchy style. or at least that’s how i see it. 

it’s clean, this film.

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