Kevin Smith: Too Fat For 40 ★★

Smith has always had a talent for talking. The dude can spin a story like no one's business - a fact made evident here when the first question asked in the Q&A takes an hour and a half to answer. Unfortunately, the bulk of that time is Smith talking about pot, how much he loves banging with his wife and how fat he is. And while there's a charm to his honesty, it feels like he's just delivering on the public view of himself, and it's not interesting anymore.

When he does talk about filmmaking, then I'm back in. The guy has carved out his own niche in Hollywood, and it's particularly engaging when he talks about how his laid-back style of working clashes with studio and movie-star ideals.

The most interesting part of the Q&A is Smith talking about the box office disappointment of Zack & Miri Make A Porno, and his own critical analysis of that film - that he feels it's a movie made by a 40-year-old about what he thinks it's like being 20. It's particularly fascinating because his awareness seems to stop short of looking at his own character, and this Q&A - which is a bunch of 40-year-olds acting like they're stoner 20-year-olds and expecting that to be interesting.