Possessor ★★★★

2020 Film #2

The highest praise that I can give this is that I didn't realize it was a Trojan Horse for Christopher Abbott. I had no idea he was in this, and he's basically the lead, and he gives a really great performance. He's an actor that I think is inherently watchable, but he's doing some of his best work here. Andrea Riseborough is very good, but I'm surprised she's top billed. I didn't know anything about the film going into it, and I think it's great! It has an awesome concept that's explored very well, with a world that feels unique and textured but not fully removed from our world. The violence is great and leaves a genuine impact, the more abstract moments in between story beats are very well utilized and creative, and it's paced very well. I think the ending is a little dry, it ends on a moment that's kind of cool but ultimately just kind of fizzles out. Still though, super fun and super creative! Super gnarly! Cool shit!

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