Us ★★★★½

Us might not be the scariest horror film to come out recently, but it's definitely one of the most daring and insane blockbuster horror films to come out in a long while. It's also incredibly fun, entertaining, tense, stylistically accomplished, and it manages to lay down a solid groundwork for thoughtful subtext and interpretation. Get Out was a film that was all about the poignant ideas within the script, so style kind of took a backseat. But with Us, Jordan Peele has written a script that retains some allegorical poignancy, but leans more into the horror of the story, which gives him some wiggle room to engage in some very fun and very unique stylistic flourishes. The music and the cinematography specifically are amazing in this. And while the whole cast is really good, Lupita Nyong'o dominates every scene she's in. She adds a lot of humanity and vulnerability to these scenes where her and her family are enduring these horrific encounters with the doppelgängers, and her performance as the doppelgänger is also thoroughly unsettling. And while the film itself isn't necessarily scary, Jordan Peele creates some solid tension out of an admittedly terrifying concept. And there were a few moments that genuinely freaked me out and fucked with my head. Once the shit hits the fan, it doesn't let up until the end. And the actual ending is an absolute beast. Two for two, this Jordan Peele guy!

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