it sucks that this is bad, because there have been a few of these disney remakes that actually very much improve upon their predecessors and are told with a new unique cinematic voice, and you’d think that with guy ritchie at the helm that’s what aladdin would be, but boy was i wrong. beauty and the beast, and now aladdin are taking some steps backwards into the wrong direction. i would’ve never thought a movie with so little energy was directed by guy ritchie. did he even actually direct this movie? completely bland and unoriginal with nothing new to really bring to the table besides some charming enough leads to make it mildly entertaining. naomi scott and mean massoud try their best and if anything i can’t wait to see both of them in better things, it’s just a shame cause i feel like both of them are perfectly casted they’re just given absolutely nothing to do. i don’t have anything else to say that hasn’t been said. this movie just sucks ass.

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