Ready Player One ★★★★

does this movie have issues? yes. the themes and messages of the movie are muttled, and none of the characters really have any depth, but man can spielberg direct a movie. if anyone else directed this movie it would be 10 times less tolerable. it’s full of that classic spielberg earnestness, an incredible silvestri score, and olivia cooke is just insanely charismatic in everything she does. like, there were so many other much better movies that came out in 2018, but for some reason this one still really sticks out to me as one of my favorites of the year. 
if there’s one thing that i think that this movie did really right, is displaying the impact of how the internet and gaming has had on how people build relationships. the way wade and the high five interact really reminded me of when i used to get on xbox live to play games, but also just talk and get to know each other, and i think that’s what really endears me to this movie. idk man. 
(also THAT SCENE  in the mansion from a certain movie in the 2nd act is so good).

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