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This review may contain spoilers.

*laughing nervously* lol what the fuck did I just watch?? Ari Aster’s incredibly ambitious and certainly traumatizing second feature had its moments of good performances, hauntingly beautiful music, gorgeous production design and costumes, and interesting camera movement.  I do like the visual/music references to Powell & Pressburger's Black Narcissus as well as the tip of the hat to The Wizard of Oz via the yellow flower “yellow brick” road. But just like the messy aftermath of the old guy who gets his head bashed in with a mallet, the narrative is pretty jumbled and incoherent. I guess, in some way,  it does work since I felt like I was stoned while watching it. Idk some of the subplots worked better than others. I think I fall in between the line of liking it and not liking it. Might revisit it in a few years. Right now I’m unable to shake off those close-up shots of the two elders.

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