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  • Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

    Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

    What happens when I let my junior sized movie watching companion pick our cinema choices? This. He's a completist though (i'm hardly much better but this one was entirely his choosing).

    First, David Yates made a very pretty film. My complaints aside, this film is well constructed. Looking at his films, I am lamenting that it appears I've only seen his big action blockbuster tent pole summer films. That's a shame. I bet given better material, I'd be saying dreamy…

  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

    Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers


    This wishes it was good enough to be the successor/sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Both on the technical and story fronts. The whole IP Mining Nostalgia journey while mocking IP Mining and Nostalgia is fine. Truthfully, this feels like a Lonely Island pitch that someone buzzworded into an idea they didn't really have and I think I'd rather have seen the Lonely Island/John Mullaney film without the IP (or Disney trying to tell me that they're the good guys…

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  • Pride



    Black Lives Matter
    Trans Lives Matter
    Freedom to Be
    Freedom to Marry
    Act Up, Fight AIDS

    I've been carrying signs my whole life. What can I say, I was raised to be angry in the streets and a freak in the sheets. Well, mum might disagree on the second part but she certainly agrees that rarely do well behaved people make history. Mr Homophobe, tear down this wall!

    It's cute and decently packaged. Rather than other docs such as Discslosure

  • The Little Vampire 3D

    The Little Vampire 3D


    me to myself: well, that seems like an allegory of being gay or something but maybe i'm just reading too much into it.
    Small people who watched it with me: Does Germany allow two boys to get married? What if one is a vampire? They're still gay right? Vampires can be gay right? Did he get the mouse as a wedding gift at his gay wedding?

    So, it wasn't just me that decided this was gay.