Low Down

Low Down ★★★★½

It feels like the type of movie that doesn't get made anymore. It feels like a turn down a one way street that you used to travel down but haven’t been around since all the stores closed down and the weeds have grown up over the curb. The last time you saw a movie like this, it was a dream you had after coming home from being away too long. You see yourself 20 years older with your head on your ma’s lap like you did when you were a kid. For a second, you remember having some wisdom about something but you threw that out long ago along with your middle school trumpet and your train ticket out of here. It’s a long drag on a cigarette. It’s dangling your feet off a bridge feeling like your floating as you sway with the breeze. Then the reminder that this isn’t you anymore leaves a look on your face that’s long past wistful. That feeling that you’re nothing but a spoonful of hope, it leaves you low. And the feeling of having that little bit of hope but not knowing exactly what for, or what for at all, that feeling gets you down. And when you look around and realize just how far from some luminous creature you truly are, there ain’t nothing you can do but stop trying.