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  • The Family That Eats Soil

    The Family That Eats Soil


    Jesus christ. Just when you think you’ve seen it all Visitor Q’s stranger filipino cousin strolls along. Part of me wants to 5star it. 
    * I’m pretty sure I saw that Baby at the midget oil wrestling show in Manila a couple years back.
    * The subtitles for the second part of Hot Mama San’s Sex Drugs & Rocky Road Show had me rolling.
    * lupalupalupalupalupalupalupalupa

  • Nanami: The Inferno of First Love

    Nanami: The Inferno of First Love


    In addition to the ‘first love’ between our young protagonists, this film puts the spotlight on sexuality in a much much broader sense. With special attention for its more perverted, and simply confused manifestations. Like most ATG films it’s both beautiful and disturbing. I definitely need to see some more of Hani’s work.

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  • Heaven's Story

    Heaven's Story


    This is the amalgamation of almost every piece of non-sappy modern Japanese drama you’ve ever seen and want to see. It’s an ambitious piece of work, but it fucking succeeds. It masterfully flows in and out of the core narrative with branching stories that might very well stand alone firmly. Effective attention for what normally would be flat side characters draws you in and helps make Heaven’s Story’s microverse feel alive. 

    I first saw this almost 9 years ago and,…

  • Mermaid Legend

    Mermaid Legend


    You know I always say “the wetter the better”. Well, this is one of the wettest movies I’ve ever seen, and as expected it is amazing. Looking at it on paper, it could have been so trashy, but instead it shows a surprising amount of polish that we owe to the ATG. Hypnotic, no-nonsense, visceral, climactic. Hidden gems like this are what I watch movies for. This deserves a big big cult following.