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This review may contain spoilers.

Endgame does a fantastic job of tying the MCU together into a single cohesive ending. I don’t take Marvel films too seriously so naturally I thought Thor and Ant Man were by far the funniest and therefore the best. The whole ‘time heist’ thing was a great idea and should’ve really been expanded upon (I was looking forward to Thor trying to distract Natalie Portman) rather than resorting to another massive battle. That being said, it was visually stunning to watch it all unfold. 

I do have a few problems with the ending. Tony Stark’s death, although utterly predictable, was done well but Captain America’s ending not so much. I just don’t understand the logistics of it. Did he kill the other Captain America? And how is he sharing a timeline with the 2019 superheroes? The whole premise of their version of time travel was that the timeline they were going back to was different and the things they changed wouldn’t affect the current world. Hulk literally TELLS US THAT. So why abandon that logic for the ending? It’s probably my biggest problem with the whole film - that and the fact that it’s too long.

I really hope they make Asgardians of the Galaxy, I might die of laughter if that ever happens. And I look forward to seeing Loki return in some form (I assume that’s why they never followed up on him just casually stealing an infinity stone).

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