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  • Midnight Runners

    Midnight Runners


    A fun buddy cop movie with a sincere story and very entertaining comedy and action scenes. I would have rated this higher but at one point the main characters promise to call these two runaway girls once they sort out the story-related issue, but it bugged me that they never showed them actually calling them. WHERE ARE THE RUNAWAY GIRLS?

  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard


    There was only one part of the story that I was somewhat interested in and the writers simultaneously introduced and ruined it in the post credit scene.

  • Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days

    Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days


    It’s a decent sequel but I did not like the resolution - everyone went too easy on the wrongdoer.

  • Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds

    Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds


    As soon as I saw the old woman I knew I was going be crying by the end and, sure enough, Korean cinema didn’t disappoint.

    The film has a cool concept, and even though it’s a bit all over the place, it still manages to be effective in every emotional moment.

  • Forgotten



    I was excited to watch this and the suspense in the first half of the film had my heart racing with the ‘haunted room’ stuff,  although the jump scares were somewhat predictable - if the guy hid behind a corner and presumed he was safe, he most definitely wasn’t safe.

    The twists were interesting but at the half way point the film takes a turn for the worse in terms of suspense and becomes more drama-thriller than horror-thriller. It was just one twist after another in such a short space of time. I wish it could’ve stayed in the horror-thriller genre for the whole film.

  • Extraction



    Extraction tries to conform to as many action movie tropes as possible while relying on its John Wick-style action to stay interesting. The ending especially seems like a desperate appeal to please all viewers.

    I wish the film industry would make more movies where the hitman-type lead character, after inevitably questioning their whole morality and belief system, decides that they would rather continue the lifestyle and not suddenly place their life in immense danger. 

    I realise I’ve been a bit inactive lately but I’ve been hooked on K-dramas.

  • Cure



    The film builds up tension effectively and it has an incredibly eerie atmosphere much like Pulse.

    However, once Takabe and Mamiya finally meet I was left a little underwhelmed. The character of Takabe changes considerably and those changes don’t feel natural. I still enjoyed the rest of the film but I can’t help but feel disappointed.

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    So I finally got around to seeing A Quiet Place, and found it to be an enjoyable horror film with a fantastic performance from Emily Blunt. 

    Unfortunately I just couldn’t get over how stupid of a decision the pregnancy was. I get that it’s an easy plot point to raise the stakes, but of their problems could’ve been avoided if they put two and two together and figured out that a pregnancy and then a baby might make a bit too much noise. That, along with the infamous whiteboard, tainted an otherwise great film.

  • Pulse



    Pulse is about loneliness and despair, and how the internet cannot solve these problems intrinsic to human nature. There are no jump scares, which I really appreciated, but there are some very atmospheric moments.

    The narrative's internal logic may not completely hold up but the feeling of dread and bleakness that the film effortlessly conveys makes up for it.

  • Audition



    I’m not a complete stranger when it comes to Takashi Miike’s penchant for gore, but the slow burn of Audition’s first hour made the third act all the more horrific. The intense sadism of the climax was used to good effect rather than just for the sake of it *ahem* Ichi *ahem*.

  • Confessions



    A stylish revenge thriller filled with social commentary and crazy twists and turns that had me pulling an evil grin by the end.

  • Shadow



    Shadow has a nice mix of political intrigue and wuxia, with the battle tactics being absolutely absurd - but I was all for it.

    Maybe it’s just my worldview, but I didn’t find the king to be cowardly at all. He seemed pretty rational in all of his decisions, and so it kind of surprised me that it turns out I was meant to think of him as a coward.

    However, other than that and an ending that I wouldn’t have gone for (not that it’s bad), I loved Shadow. It’s not as good as Hero but has the same feeling.