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  • Parasite
  • Memories of Murder
  • Oldboy
  • Train to Busan
  • Joint Security Area

Ranked: South Korea

47 films

Just ranking them as I watch them. I might do this for other countries at some point, but South Korea…

  • Twelve Monkeys
  • Die Hard
  • The Fifth Element
  • Pulp Fiction
  • The Sixth Sense

Ranked: Bruce Willis

23 films

Remember when Bruce Willis starred in classic after classic? That was a long time ago.

  • Fast Five
  • Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
  • Furious 7
  • Fast & Furious 6
  • The Fate of the Furious

Ranked: Fast and Furious

9 films

Just wanted to bolster my list numbers.

  • Parasite
  • Little Women
  • Ford v Ferrari
  • Knives Out
  • Jojo Rabbit

Ranked: Top 10 2019

10 films

Looks like Parasite is the winner. Who would've guessed?

  • Léon: The Professional
  • Black Swan
  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
  • Heat
  • Closer

Ranked: Natalie Portman

19 films

I am ranking subjectively by overall movie quality, not by how good Portman did.

  • From Russia with Love
  • Licence to Kill
  • Goldfinger
  • Live and Let Die
  • Casino Royale

Ranked: James Bond

24 films

i’ve watched them all now, so i might as well make a list about it.

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Once Upon a Time in the West
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  • Unforgiven
  • The Good, The Bad, The Weird

Ranked: Westerns

47 films

Westerns might be one of the most fun genres of film.

  • Fist of Fury
  • The Heroine
  • Enter the Dragon
  • The Flying Guillotine
  • The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

a list of every hong kong, chinese and taiwanese film i’ve seen

135 films

chungking express really transformed my movie life

  • Police Story
  • Police Story 3: Super Cop
  • The Legend of Drunken Master
  • Enter the Dragon
  • Drunken Master

Ranked: Jackie Chan

42 films

somehow he’s survived to this point

  • Chungking Express
  • Fallen Angels
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Happy Together
  • 2046

Ranked: Wong Kar-wai

10 films

I’ve watched them all! Wong Kar-wai is a creative genius. 

(He has shorts and there are anthology films that he…

  • Burning
  • BlacKkKlansman
  • The Night Comes for Us
  • Searching
  • Upgrade
  • I Was Born, But...
  • Sanshiro Sugata
  • The Most Beautiful
  • The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail
  • No Regrets for Our Youth

Favourite movie of each year

75 films

Very raw list because I haven't seen movies from every year so I'll just change it as I do start…