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English teacher, (movie) kissing enthusiast. 

5 star ratings are favorites of all time. 1 star ratings are ass.

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  • Drive My Car
  • Moonstruck
  • The Matrix
  • Julie & Julia

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  • Minions: The Rise of Gru

  • The Card Counter

  • Inception

  • Rise

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  • The Novice

    The Novice

    Tribeca 2021

    Yeah this thoroughly owns! An unbelievable debut picture, directed with such poise that you’d think Lauren Hadaway has been making movies her whole life. The images crackle with electricity (sometimes literally lol) and the kinetic energy on hand is a sight to behold. There’s one gnarly, content warning-worthy scene that was extremely difficult to watch, and needs to be reworked in the next edits imo— but apart from that, it whips so hard that I can’t help but love! Isabelle Fuhrman is incredible, a raw nerve dancing on knife’s edge. When Film Twitter finds out about this it’ll go nuts!

  • Nomadland



    In awe of Zhao’s effortless naturalism, and the deep swelling of emotion that came with accompanying Fern on the road. Much to consider and unpack here, and it’ll require a lot of thought on a walk to the grocery store — but here are some off-the-cuff reactions I just need to jot down.

    Performances are all wonderful; McDormand and Strathairn are of course incredible, but the quiet power found in the nomads’ portrayal of themselves is integral to the verisimilitude…