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  • Diego Maradona

    Diego Maradona


    With Asif Kapadia Q&A at Doc/Fest 2019.

    Asif Kapadia, Oscar winner for Amy in 2015, has made two previous documentaries about two ‘troubled’ icons in their fields, now Kapadia has shifted his attention another troubled star, this one still living. Stating in the following Q&A that working on a person who is still living represented a new challenge, getting interviews with Maradona himself a challenge in itself. Getting a contract for three, 3 hour interviews with Maradona, and searching Argentina…

  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    If I had a top 5 this would be in it, when I feel shit this is one of a select few films I go to. I love Sofia Coppola, I love this film. A film set in a city I’ve never been to but a place where I always am... I feel this on profound levels.

    The best thing in this life is an awkward Bill Murray in a strip club as Peaches plays loudly.

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  • Dark City

    Dark City


    An original science fiction hit from Alex Proyas, nightmarish and gothic. Not quite achieving the cult status of The Crow, Dark City is still worth the watch, great design, dreary cinematography that fits well, the only real let down was the final fight scene, the film is best when following John’s memories.

  • The Beach Bum

    The Beach Bum


    Hedonism and excess, nihilism and freedom. A combination, cocktail, chemical for life, squeezing life out of life, somehow a film about little is a film about everything. The misadventures of an entity from a world so few of us can afford to live in, the trials and tribulations of stoner love, free spirit ecstasy and poetry. Beautiful cinematography and a very relaxing score, Vice studios with a feature film... surprise, it was either going to be some kind of ethereal…

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  • Get Out

    Get Out


    #8 of Hooptober Challenge!

    It’s taken me 2 hours since seeing this to actually write something.. what an experience. So uncomfortable and intense. My mind has been blown. The end gave a slither of satisfaction but it’s almost like it never ends. Dark, funny and so clever.

    A completely relevant cultural masterpiece, it says so much so effectively. It’s taken me absolutely ages to see this but it really has lived up to the hype. I loved it but now…

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    This should have won every award in 2002. Masterpiece. My number one? Possibly, seen so many times and still pick up bits I missed each time. Hollywood and dreams accurately represented.

    I started about 3 other films and then I just saw this on prime and well here I am. 5 out of 5.