Her Smell ★★★½

Alex Ross Perry and deeply self destructive, self sabotaging and unlikeable protagonists, name a better duo. Absolutely powerful performances from Moss and Deyn, especially Moss, so convincing in her conviction, believing her own bullshit from start to finish, taking everything to ground with her. Pushing everyone away, Becky Something is a punk visionary, poetic and self indulgent, it’s a dicks out, shit out the window musical tragi-comedy... it’s Alex Ross Perry it was destined to be somewhat depressing and ever so slightly comical. I loved the home video montages and the vernacular cinematography but I really really loved the actual music.

Elisabeth Moss is unstoppable. It’s like Bikini Kill meets Hole meets Garbage. The 90’s alternative scene is nice nostalgic injection to the temple, Her Smell feels honest, feels true and feels awful. The anarchic music making machine of the rock world laid bare. Projecting outwards, smashing inwards. Good cast all round, missing a Kate Lyn Sheil however. I don’t know where this puts Alex Ross Perry, I’ve made an effort to get into American contemporary independent cinema and he is still a pivotal figurehead of such.

“Promise me mama, when I die, have the coffin arrive half an hour late and on the side written in gold letters: "Sorry for the delay."”

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