Pokémon Detective Pikachu ★★★½

Lost for words. Sort of. Nostalgia blast. Visually amazing considering what it is and had to be, plot not the strongest but the performances of Reynolds is so fitting. He is made for these roles, this was just my fun, and that’s all it had to be. Even with Seinfeld references, jokes about birth canals and Mew Two doing the usual child’s portion of misanthropic existentialism. The plot ok isn’t particularly anything so out there or padded and that’s the only solid criticism I have, but it is still a story, redemption arc, reunited parental drama and easy young love... it’s simple, it could have been deeper and it felt like we could have got a more adult version but this was fun.

I wanted to make Werner Herzog memes for this but it’s just enjoyable and I am glad a franchise film like this hasn’t just turned up empty and soulless, this has heart. A video game film with positives.

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