Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby ★★★★★

I keep thinking about it and I honestly cannot figure out the words to say about how I feel about this. It seriously leaves you speechless at the end and when those credits hit, I had zero idea what to do with myself because that may have been one of the most jaw dropping endings I’ve ever seen in a film. My thought process as this started all the way to the midway point I was thinking that it’s moving quite slow and I was waiting for something big to happen, but it’s just one of those times where you need to keep your patience, keep paying close attention and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning final act. I kind of figured how this was all going to play out, but I can certainly say I didn’t think it was going to be so intense. That “dream” sequence that Rosemary had has one of the most trippy and psychedelic moments I’ve ever encountered. This was completely flawless in every way possible and I think this might be my favorite horror film. For this coming out in the 60’s I think this movie is a hundred times scarier then anything you’ll see coming out in this century. A complete bone chiller of a film and I am confident I will be having multiple nightmares tonight. Mia Farrow, you were absolutely tremendous in one of the most memorable roles I’ve ever watched and I mean it.

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