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  • Flashdance


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  • Pather Panchali

    Pather Panchali


    I went to see this with a new friend at my new local cinema (NEW much??) and they asked if I wanted some of their popcorn and I said no but 15 or 20 minutes in, they put it on the seat next to me signifying it was fair game and I ate a lot of it!!

    The movie was such a trip I am planning to see the whole trilogy!

  • Flashdance


    Really good lyric from this movie.
    Sometimes it's good to watch the movie with the captions on so you catch stuff like that.

    Would say more but I have to go to this thing now!
    Thanks for reading my review. No need to leave a comment!

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  • Airplane!



    I’m excited to announce my first film review on the Letterboxd mobile application!   The name of my first review is “Airplane!” which is the same name as the film.  Hopefully that isn’t confusing for my voracious readers.  

    My review is as follows... you kind of had to be there lol. But the film made me laugh several times!   Some things intended to make me laugh did not make me laugh.  Fortunately I was able to laugh again…

  • Dune


    The movie is bad!
    But it's the kind of bad that would be really fun to watch with friends and make quips intermittently. Quips like "What?!" Or "...Okay?"

    I watched the film alone, and made quips under my breath, and they were very funny! I wish you could have been there.

    (Not to flex but I watched this on laser disc)